Wellbeing Workshops

Effective Stretching and Posture Workshops

Effective Stretching for the Workplace

Keeping active at work

This workshop focuses on stretches and techniques that can be done “at the Desk” and explains the benefits of keeping active at work.  Your class will also include breathing exercises and some meditation techniques helping to quieten the mind and  bring a greater sense of wellbeing.

This is a light hearted and fun way to get your staff involved in thinking about not only their posture, but also their mind set at work, so they can improve their day to day working environment.

Sessions can be done in a separate meeting room or on the office floor, whichever works best for your workplace.

Office Posture Awareness and Relaxation

Your body matters

Posture affects how you look, how you feel, and how others perceive you. Poor posture is the number 1 cause of back and neck discomfort and can lead to a lifetime of annoying aches and pains. By improving your posture, you improve the health and comfort of your spine. By standing tall you can stop the rounding over that occurs as we age, causing you to shrink in stature. And last, but not least, your posture conveys a lot of information to the outside world about your mental and emotional state, as well as confidence level.

In this workshop, you will learn very specific exercises to straighten your shoulders, flatten your upper back, strengthen lower back and all 4 layers of abdominal muscle. You will learn tips and techniques that will improve alignment immediately.

We will discuss back-friendly ways to adjust your computer workstations or desk; how to adjust your car seat to help your posture, beneficial sleeping/resting/reading positions and much more! Finishing off with some breathing relaxation techniques.